Why us?

Make your project management expertise work for you with a vast supply of skilled labor.

When you unlock the skilled tradespeople available through Complete Construction Crewing, you can increase your crew size to suit any project scope.

Be in control of your project and rely on us to provide accurate crew budgets and a reliable labor source to get the job finished well and on-time.

Capture projects in union jurisdictions that you thought were only available to large contractors.

With Complete Construction Crewing as your trade labor source, all projects are within your reach.

As your labor’s Employer of Record, we’ll sign union contracts so you don’t have to.

Unfamiliar with union requirements? Fear not. We explain everything and provide real-time cost tracking to help you stay on budget.

Calculating payroll for union employees can quickly become complicated – but not with Complete Construction Crewing. We treat all tradespeople we hire as employees, both legally and financially.

We issue payroll checks promptly and address all HR, union benefit, insurance, and tax issues accurately, punctually, and transparently.

Let us handle billing, payroll, and HR, so that you can free up your time and resources to focus on what you do best.

Our experienced team has been handling union payroll for over 15 years.

Our Services

We analyze your project, reviewing schedule and scope to understand the big picture and help provide fully loaded labor rates free of jurisdictional issues. We can also help craft a schedule that saves you money by staying on budget with weekly updates so you always know you are on budget.

We work with highly skilled and trained laborers, so your project stays on budget and meets or exceeds expectations.

Complete Crewing Construction signs contracts so you don’t have to. Our detailed budgeting includes wages, benefits, taxes, workers compensation insurance, and administration.

Fully loaded rates include wages, benefits, taxes, workers compensation insurance, and administration. We simplify your job costing and streamline time consuming administration.

Everyone we hire is treated as an employee. We collect W-4s and I-9s, and  process W-2s and handle all employee payroll and payroll taxes. We also carry all necessary General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.


We firmly believe in a safe working environment for all, and Complete Construction Crewing is proactive when it comes to developing and maintaining safe work practices. Construction crews are our most valuable asset, and their health and safety is our primary concern.

The range of contractors on site at any one time creates an environment where it is essential that all parties have at least a basic awareness of the hazards that they may create or encounter.

Accidents are preventable when everyone is trained and aware of the types of hazards that exists in our industry, so all Complete Construction Crewing staff are professionally trained in Health and Safety.

We comply with OSHA standards and promote safe working practice awareness within our workforce. Our crew coordinators are all OSHA-30 certified and we are also proud members of the National Safety Council.

“National Safety Council members understand that safety never takes a day off. They are committed to protecting their workforce and setting an example for other organizations to strive for. We are proud to count Complete Crewing Construction among our membership and look forward to working alongside them to save lives and prevent injuries.”

-Ingri Schoen, Senior Director, Membership, National Safety Council

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