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Everyone we hire is treated as an employee. We collect all HR paperwork – including W-4s, I-9s, and W-2s – and always ensure a safe and productive worksite.


Say goodbye to payroll headaches. We handle everything and ensure all rates are fully loaded and transparent, including wages, benefits, taxes, workers compensation insurance, and administration fees.


On-demand union labor gives you the flexibility to scale projects as needed with the confidence that all hired craftsmen are highly trained. With our active staff management, we ensure you are satisfied with every crew member at all times.


We analyze all projects and work with you to craft complete budgets: no additional labor rates or taxes to surprise you at the end. With weekly updates, you always know you are on budget.


With Complete Construction Crewing, you have an all access pass to highly skilled tradespeople and more projects. We sign union contracts so you don’t have to, letting your business grow without impediment.


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